60 million people around the world choose MyPillow

Nothing beats a great nights sleep... and that starts with resting your head on the right pillow.  Our team at MyPillow have invested heavily in the research and development of pillow technology to perfect our patented interlocking fill, creating a pillow designed to help you sleep, recover, repair and re-energise... all things that are so important to health and well-being.

Forms To Your Shape

MyPillow’s patented 3-piece interlocking fill will gently cradle your head and neck... and it stays just the way you like it all night long.

Furthermore, we’ve developed a range of sizes, each tailored to accommodate different personal requirements, so whatever your shape, size or sex, we have a pillow to help to a great nights sleep.

Machine Wash & Dry

MyPillow® Premium also means your pillow will stay healthy and fresh! 

All you need to do is simply wash and tumble-dry your pillow/s as often as you want, a bit like your favourite jeans. At the very least we recommend a wash once every three months!

We Guarantee It

This close attention to detail is why we know you will love MyPillow. It is also why we stand behind our commitment to deliver you a great nights sleep, with our 60-Night guarantee. 

60-night guarantee
10 year manufacturing warranty

Our purpose built facility has been acknowledged by Made in Britain. Our commitment to quality has allowed us to back our product even further. Every MyPillow we create comes with a 10-year manufacturing warranty.