Suffering from headaches or neck pain?

Your pillow is your secret weapon for great sleep and a healthy start.

Anyone who suffers from neck pain will know that it can adversely affect quality of life, productivity at work and sleep quality.

Furthermore, the most prevalent primary headaches, such as tension headache and migraine, are frequently associated with neck pain. 

What many don’t know is that that your pillow could be both the culprit and the source of relief for neck pain.

When we sleep, we often spend prolonged periods of time in the same position. This can result in stress being placed on certain parts of the body, most notably your back and neck. 

Correct Sleep Position

Your pillow can play a really important role in minimising stress, by supporting your head, helping take pressure off your neck, straightening out your spine and maintaining your posture.

To manage each of these outcomes, MyPillow’s patented interlocking fill supports your neck as you move, gently cradling your head and helping to keep your airways clear as you sleep.

This unique pillow technology is at the heart of the success of MyPillow, with over 60million pillows now sold worldwide.

We have engineered a range of pillow sizes, each designed to suit individual sizes and sleep patterns.

We are so confident that you will love MyPillow that we provide a 60-night money back guarantee. No risk, just great sleep!

Still considering?

Why not check out our pillow guide to find the pillow that is right for you.  

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