Sweet dreams...
The story of MyPillow UK

The MyPillow journey started in the US and today there has been 60 million pillows sold worldwide.

At MyPillow UK, our passion is sleep and our mission is to create quality and affordable sleep products. We are driven by the notion that sleep helps repair, rejuvenate and re-energise... something that everyone deserves to enjoy.

1977 - Humble roots

MyPillow started with a young man who had trouble sleeping and it wasn’t long before a young Mike Lindell realised that his pillow was the source of his problem. 

2004 - The dream becomes real

Disappointed by years of scouring the globe in search of ‘the perfect pillow’, Mike set about the research and design a new form of pillow... MyPillow was soon born and its patented technology has subsequently helped millions enjoy a better sleep.

2013 - A chance meeting

The genesis of MyPillow UK was a chance encounter between UK Business Entrepreneur Andy Wincel and Mike Lindell at a Bob Seger Concert in 2013. It wasn’t too long after that MyPillow emerged in the UK with Andy at the helm.

2018 – Made in Britain

Andy was totally committed to making MyPillow UK a success in it’s own right and in 2018, a new manufacturing facility was set up in Coventry.

2020 – Sweet dreams

Everyone at MyPillow UK is passionate about importance of sleep to health and wellbeing. From our executive team right through to operations, we are excited to provide a high quality, affordable sleep solution for the whole of Britain.

2021 - Onward and upward

MyPillow Ltd has now been established as an entity in it’s own right and we are extremely proud to have been accredited by Made in Britain as a British manufacturer.

Let us introduce you to some of our team of Sleepmakers focused upon helping you to get a great nights sleep.

Jay Thomas

Head of Operations

Jay has been Head of Operations of MyPillow Ltd since its inception. Since MyPillow began, Jay  worked on every aspect of building MyPillow Ltd, from the construction of each element of the production facility, to the hiring and management of the dedicated administration team.

Having worked in customer service and manufacturing based industries for over 20 years, Jay is dedicated to producing the highest level of luxury sleeping products and doing so with the exceptional standard of service to all the MyPillow customers.

Francesca Louisa

Customer Service Team Leader

Francesca has been with MyPillow UK for 2 years and is an integral cog to the Head Office MyPillow team. Francesca believes in and drives the MyPillow ethos of quality customer care with genuine sincerity.

Francesca is a born and raised West Midlands girl, she enjoys the culture of Birmingham city centre and in her spare time volunteers for a local charity.

Kay Marwaha

Quality Assurance Manager

Having grown up in Birmingham, Kay moved to Coventry 38 years ago and joined MyPillow in 2018. Kay now carries responsibility for MyPillow's Quality Assurance process, ensuring that everything produced by MyPillow maintains the highest standards of design and production. 

As a qualified teaching professional and Tutor/Lecturer in Education Services, Kay knows what it takes to ensure that her team is supported, motivated and focused on creating and producing only the best from MyPillow.

Kay is creative, passionate and wildly enthusiastic about MyPillow. Kay is also one of the reasons why, when you rest your head on MyPillow, you can look forward to a great nights sleep.

Kay manages a small team and meet key goals and targets. This includes organizing job schedules, training programs for my team. These programs include teaching straight seams, foot control of machines, quality assurance, packing, analyses root causes and how to improve and develop production planning with the management.

Martin Gould

Logistics and Shipping Manager

Martin has been with MyPillow for a year and a half and plays a vital role to the production and dispatch of your MyPillow products.

Martin is meticulous, a trait that he imparts to other colleagues as we endeavour to provide a high-quality product delivered within a fast time frame.

Nina Stokes

Lead Machinist

Nina took on the role as Lead Machinist at MyPillow in 2020. Nina's lovely personality, friendly yet confident approach and very strong work ethic is an inspiration to our whole team of sleepmakers.

Nina moved to England 35 years ago and now has 3 children and 5 grandchildren. When she is not helping craft some of the UK's finest pillows, you might find Nina gardening, listening to music, dancing and socialising with friends.