The world’s most beautiful cotton

Whilst Egyptian Cotton is considered the best cotton in the world, for many, Giza cotton is considered the best of the best.

The quality of Giza cotton is a product of its growing environment and the process applied to the harvesting and manufacture of Giza cotton fibre.

To preserve its quality, upon maturity, all Giza cotton is picked by hand to create a longer and more complete fibre (the longer the fibre and the smaller its diameter, the finer the yarn and the higher the rating of the cotton fabric).

The result of this carefully constructed process is that Giza cotton is more moisture-wicking, more breathable and more absorbent than normal cotton. 

This rare combination helps to regulate your body temperature, ensuring that you have everything you need for all year round comfortable sleeping. 

In addition, a by product of this process is that, because Giza cotton is stronger than regular cotton, it is also longer-lasting.

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