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MyPillow guarantees a great sleep

MyPillow guarantees a great sleep

MyPillow guarantees a great sleep

MyPillow’s unique interlocking fill technology is so advanced that the design has been patented. Each of the specifically crafted polyfoam parcels housed within MyPillow move with you as you sleep, to cradle your neck and support your head. This helps you maintain optimal sleep posture which ensures your airways remain clear and you get maximum blood flow to your brain... each critical elements to a great night’s sleep.

Importantly, all MyPillows are breathable, fluffable and washable... they stand the test of time, guaranteeing you a great night’s sleep year after year.

Choosing the right pillow

All pillows are not created equal. Which means that choosing the right pillow can be a difficult decision. Sadly, most people don’t spend enough time thinking about their sleep pattern and considering how their new pillow suits their size.

If you experience restless sleep or morning neck pain, that’s likely the reason! To guarantee you a great sleep, MyPillow’s are designed to be adjusted throughout the night and come in 3 different fills to suit body size and sleep pattern. With more than 60 million pillows sold worldwide, you can now rest even better knowing that that MyPillow is the right decision.

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