Me and My Human... A Dogs Life...

Me and My Human... A Dogs Life...

Hi there,

My name is Bertie, and I am a Golden Labrador, I have been with my human now for 7 years and I love my life!

Now I know how much you wonderful UK dog owners love your dogs but did you know how much we love you and the magic we bestow on you without you even knowing!!! Clever right???

I thought you might like to know the benefits of your adoring canine buddy. In your words “Sit” (and take in the magic that is your pet dog).

  • Miho Nagasawa of the Azabu University in Japan conducted a study in 2009 proved that someone’s oxytocin (the “happy” hormone) levels increase when they spend time with their dogs. All you need to do is literally stare into your pup’s eyes. Simply making eye contact with our pets can noticeably increase our happiness. The longer the eye-to-eye connection, the larger the dose of oxytocin is released. - This is why we like to look at you, not just because we want a treat because we want to make you happy.
  • Having a dog necessitates a daily drip outdoors, taking long breaths, and getting your blood pumping on long walk or run. Exercise gives us a kick of endorphins, which lifts low moods and gives you a sense of well-being. Taking a daily walk with our dogs make us feel more energised and upbeat. You see magic! You may think we need a walk and yes, we do but we are looking after your health too because we love you.
  • A recent study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology indicated that playing with their dog improved an individual’s physical health, as well as emotional and mental health. In a world so heavily influenced with technology stepping away to interact with your dog builds reliance, trust, and an emotional connection with your dog resulting in you feeling more content. I kid you not that tug of war with the rope isn’t just for us!! We see you laughing and smiling, and we feel blessed that we did that.
  • Did you know that even the act of petting a dog lifts the spirits? The University of Missouri-Columbia found that taking several minutes to pet your dog will increase the levels of serotonin and oxytocin (chemicals which calm, relax and comfort us). Now I can’t lie this one is one of my favourites not only does it feel great to us but it’s like a superpower and I am a fan of superheroes by petting us we make good hormones release into your body. We love helping you.
  • Dogs work like a probiotic, helping you to develop healthy bacteria colonies that in turn boost your immune system – Yes doctor dog, that’s us we don’t claim to cure illness, but we do help your immune system. Now you’re our human we want you to be with us for as long as possible, so we help build your system to fight against those nasty bugs. Healthy human is a happy human after all.

I hope you don’t mind me sharing my dog magic secrets, you do so much for us. I wanted you to know what we do for you to say thank you.

Yes, I may have eaten your slippers and buried your specs in the garden but hey look at the advantage of having us around.

Well as you know us cuddly canines like a nap!! So, thank you again and sweet dreams……


Lots of Love Humans

Bertie   xxxxxxxx

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